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Register to be a V.I.P.

What is a VIP? A VIP is a Very Important Player, to you and to our staff.

Only those who register for V.I.P. are guaranteed action photos. Don't miss this opportunity to get professional photos during your visit to these world class tournament destinations.

The Player V.I.P.


The Player VIP registration fee is $50, which is a CREDIT towards the cost of a action photos purchased onsite at the tournament location.

Please be aware that the $50 credit cannot be redeemed for team photos, frames or any other discounted promotions. The credit cannot be used online after the tournament concludes.

The Team V.I.P.


The Team VIP registration fee is $75 per player for each player (for example, the Team VIP for a team of 10 players will cost $750)

   Each player receives:

  • Framed team photo ($40 value)

  • Framed ticket stub poster ($70 value)

  • and The Team will receive all action photos on a single USB to share ($450 value)

Registering as a VIP is the only way to guarantee that photos will be taken of a certain player and/or team. We recommend signing up early on during a tournament to give us plenty of time to get great shots of your VIP!

Ready to sign up?

Click on your location below to get started.

PLEASE NOTE: Registration is not complete and a spot is not guaranteed until the registration fee has been paid onsite. Be sure to stop by the on-site lab before your first game to complete registration.

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